december 2-3

riverside studio, skibbereen

Integrative Bodywork

Bring the principles and techniques of Thai yoga bodywork and myofascial energetic release to the massage table


Thai yoga bodywork and myofascial energetic release techniques and apply them to the massage table
body reading and postural awareness cues for your clients
your quality of touch and discover how to feel your way into different tissue qualities

the modalities we'll be exploring

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai yoga massage is a holistic and ancient bodywork practice. As a traditional mind-body medicine Thai massage works with applied techniques to stimulate deep relaxation in the body and release energy blocks and stagnation throughout the entire system. It uses momentum and gravity rather than muscular strength and engages techniques that can use the forearms, knuckles, fists, knees and feet to apply pressure.

Thai bodywork also works with the mechanical, fluid and energetic layers of the body. The core principles of this healing modality centers around mind, body and spirit integration. Using tools of meditation, presence and intuitive listening, we create a safe and sacred space to encourage self-healing for both the receiver and giver.

Although traditionally performed on the floor, and without oils Thai yoga bodywork can be adapted very effectivly to a treatment table and the techniques can be integrated into any sports massage or oil based treatment.

Myofascial Energetic Release

The work primarily addresses the holding patterns in the fascial layers of the body - where the “issues in the tissues “ live - and invites the receiver to use their breath, felt sense and movement to release any long held tension and emotional charge.

We will also be diving deep into our own body space, exploring how to wake up our bodies sensations and unwind the tension in our soft tissues using simple myofascial tools. Unwinding is very powerful - I call it "feline yoga" - and offers us a wealth of insight and tools to support others in releasing tension.

Training Details

LOCATION:  Riverside Studios, 6 North St, Gortnaclohy, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, P81 N720

SCHEDULE:  10-6, Saturday and Sunday with regular breaks

COST:  €180

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook if you like to jot things down.

Please note that lunch is not provided

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About Susie

I am a licenced physiotherapist, myo-fascial therapist, movement educator, pilates and yoga instructor and a life long student of meditation and the Eastern healing arts. I received my professional training in UCD school of physiotherapy graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. I have undertaken a considerable amount of training over the years in somatic therapies, breathwork, myofascial release and structural integration. I am currently delving deep into the study of visceral osteopathy.

I offer bespoke workshops to introduce people to working hands on with the body in a fluid and dynamic way. The inspiration for these trainings is rooted in the depth of what I have received through bodywork and a real passion to share this experience. In these workshops I blend all the wisdom and experience I’ve received through my own direct experience and clients responses in over 30 years working as a bodyworker as well as all the insights and inspirations drawn from extensive travel and study with incredible teachers and traditions of bodywork.

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