explore the fluid landscape of the body

Awaken your capacity to listen deeply to your body and discover what it means to come into deeper connection with your fluid being

My approach

As a holistic physiotherapist and movement educator with over 30 years experience, I have developed a unique and integrated approach that works directly with the root patterns in the body that hold us apart from the freedom and flow we are seeking. Via one to one sessions, classes and training events we can work together to restore health, balance, and a deep sense of pleasure within the body.

energy is a moving river,

moving my moving body

Toni Morrison


Experience it to believe it

Supporting pain free movement and functional strength. An approach to pilates, yoga and movement that incorporates the knowledge of holistic anatomy and modern movement science and recognises our changing needs as we move through our life cycle. 

one 2 one

What makes us all the same, is that we are unique

Combining holistic physiotherapy, structural integration, myofascial release and specialised touch techniques to address the root cause of your tension and pain. Postural and movement assessment, body awareness and movement coaching are  tailored to your specific needs


Unlock the language of the living body

Learn the art and science of integrated bodywork. Workshops suitable for absolute beginners or bodywork/massage therapists interested in adding some specialised techniques to their skill set.

the fluid presence in our bodies is our fundamental environment, we are moving water brought to land

emille conrad

Using the tools of gentle breathwork, specialised techniques of touch and somatic movement to deeply engage with the fluid core of our bodies, my focus is on reawakening the felt sense as a means of maturing and developing the part of the nervous system that is available for alignment, balance and centring.

Releasing pain and emotional distress awakens a deep sense of pleasure, recovering health and regaining a sense of wholeness segway into the rich interior and exterior work of awareness where there is availability to enquire into who we really are as living, biological intelligent beings through the lens of how we inhabilt our bodies.

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