I am a licenced physiotherapist, myo-fascial therapist, movement educator, pilates and yoga instructor and a life long student of meditation and the Eastern healing arts. I received my professional training in UCD school of physiotherapy graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. I have undertaken a considerable amount of training over the years in somatic therapies, breathwork, myofascial release and structural integration. I am currently delving deep into the study of visceral osteopathy.

In my own words...

For as long as I can remember the language of the body has been my native tongue. I have very vivid memories as a young girl of feeling undivided in my body, free, joyful and spontaneous in my physical expression, nature was my playground, a truely magical and alive place where I felt part of and held in a larger field of life.

In my twenties I started to explore the field of holistic bodywork and became passionate about working with the body in a way that recognises and supports others in their entire being. The western mechanistic approach to working with the body that views it as the sum of its parts was at odds with the profound states of bliss and healing connection I was experiencing through integrative bodywork. I felt inspired to learn more and deepen my understanding of conscious touch and the mind-body connection.

My journey took me to India and Thailand where I immersed my self in yoga, meditation and the eastern healing arts. I had entered a new world of sensitivity and feeling that my physiotherapy schooling or my culture had yet even contemplated. I learnt about touch communication, presence, how to feel whats under your hand and how to stay in contact with the person under your hands. I began to really inhabit my natural self and expand beyond the conditioned patterns imbedded in my upbringing and education.

These days the emphasis has shifted away from rooting into a personal sense of self, into the recogition that the inner landscape of our own bodies is inseparable from the greater body of the Earth and its waters. Belonging, reverance and responsibility to a place is what excites me and how we can expand our fluid body sense and feel our nature as nature restores in me a sense of purpose, vitality and belonging. Whether its dancing barefoot in the grass, skinny dipping in the sea, melting my spine into the trunk of a tree or tending to my garden, being fully alive in nature is what kindles the flame of that fundamental freedom of expression that infused my childhood.

Do you want to come home to your body in a way that opens to a deeper connection with your self and the world around you?

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