it is impossible to touch the body without accessing the whole person

I offer bespoke workshops to introduce people to working hands on with the body in a fluid and dynamic way. These workshops are suitable for absolute beginners and practitioners of bodywork and massage. The inspiration for these trainings is rooted in the depth of what I have received through bodywork and a real passion to share this experience.
In these workshops I blend all the wisdom and experience I've received through my own direct experience and clients responses in over 30 years working as a bodyworker as well as all the insights and inspirations drawn from extensive travel and study with incredible teachers and traditions of bodywork.


Sounding the Body

Where bodywork meets sound healing
with Susan Keogh and Simone Meschnig
€200 early bird discount if registered before January 16

Dive into the vibrational wisdom of sound healing and empower yourself with sound healing techniques and hands-on skills to harmonise and heal the body-mind.

march 29 - april 1, an sanctoir, ballydehob

The Body Awake

A 4 day retreat to deepen into the inate intelligence of the body
with Susan Keogh and Erica Bhavani
€100 off if registered before February 20

Being fully present within offers a gateway to attune to wholeness in others. It enables us to expand our perceptual skills towards unravelling the root patterns within the body that bind us to stress and disharmony. We'll be introducing an Integrative Bodywork system of practice together with the tools of breathwork, meditation and guided movement in order to discover deeper levels of core and connection and develop a felt sense of presence and wholeness. 

april 6-7, 2024, Redemptorist Catholic Church, Limerick

Table Thai

A weekend introduction to Table Thai
with Susan Keogh and Erica Bhavani
€200 early bird discount if registered before February 20

In this two day workshop we have adapted the principles and techniques of Thai yoga massage to use on a massage table. Although this form of bodywork is traditionally performed on the floor and without oils, the principles and techniques can be integrated and adapted to use on the table and with oil based massage.

Suitable for beginners and bodyworkers who want to expand their repetoire of skills

residential retreat

june 28 - july 7, an sanctoir, ballydehob

Residential Retreat

10 day certified beginner's training in Thai Yoga Massage and Integrative Bodywork
with Susan Keogh and Erica Bhavani

Residential retreat in the wilds of West Cork where the wisdom of nature can teach us, gathering and connection can touch us, and where we can learn about healing through the body's own intelligence.

Student Testimonials

Fully nourished on all levels

I had the most wonderful week! Fully nourished on all levels. I feel I got a very good understanding and grasp of the material and feel confident bringing this into the “real world”. So much heart and fun from the facilitators and the group. Great craic and deep relaxation. What more could you want... very happy and grateful.


Renewal in my body, rekindling my passion for sacred bodywork

Absolutely beautiful space held by Suzie, Erica and Nigel to learn some concrete Thai massage but so much more beyond words - renewal in my body, rekindling my passion for sacred bodywork and lots of wonderful new friends. Thank you for providing such an open, fun and held space.


A wonderful, caring space for learning and personal development

My intention coming on this course was to revise and expand my knowledge of Thai massage, with the goal of going on to become a practitioner and to use Thai massage in my work as a yoga teacher and therapist. Erica and Suzie created a wonderful, caring space for learning and personal development. They strove to meet everyone's individual needs, seemingly without skipping a beat over the duration of the course. They are both patient and clear teachers with an excellent command of their specialist areas. I found everything was paced very well with adequate space for breaks and self reflection with a good balance between classes and non-compulsory sessions. The course material was clearly presented and easy to follow, and between the manual and the practical teachings, easy to practice after the course too. The course easily met my expectations, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend, without a doubt. I only wished it could have been longer so we could have gone into more depth and continued learning!


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