move beyond the patterns that hold you in tension and pain and

reclaim a joyful ease of being

Movement Classes

relax, release, restore
wednesdays 10-11.30am
An Sanctoir, Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob

This class is suitable for anyone who wishes to deepen their awareness of their sensory and fluid system. It is also a very safe way to work with improving your mobility, suppleness and core strength if you are recovering from an injury or you have a chronic condition.

In the class we learn how to bring our bodies energy to rest on the ground. Rather than engaging our limbs to hold themselves in certain positions during the class sequence, we learn how to drop into the base of the bodies, release our soft tissues to the breath and recieve support from the ground.

We use positions of constructive rest to drop inside the body space and rest within the core of our being. This gives us the time and attention to cultivate our listening into the body's inate intelligence and move with ease.

We work with forging strong connections in our core, learn how liberate our spines and unwind the stress and tensions in our soft tissues. Unwinding is powerful, I call it "feline" yoga. When so many of us are struggling with chronic pain, from an aching back to debilitating dysfunctions, it shows us that having a body can be a pleasurable experience and that movement can be an expression of that pleasure.

synergy pilates
MONDAYs 6.30-8pm
An Sanctoir, Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob

This class is a little more vigorous and is open to anyone who wants to release long held tensions in their body and restore strength, vitality, fluidity and balance to their whole system. The sequence of movements and stretches offered in this class are designed to release the stress patterns in the body and support the activation of the body's own structural integrity.

These exercises build a strong core, tone the cardio-vascular, respiratory and lymphatic system, improve mental clarity and optimise the flow of energy through the entire body.

They are safe and very therapeutic in the recovery of injury and chronic pain.

I come away feeling lubricated and floating

I attend Susie's class regularly and am always amazed at how subtle the work is, yet I come away feeling lubricated and floating... All this mixed with her humour and playfulness is a total treat.


An amazing sense of ease, peace and groundedness in my body that I had forgotten I could feel

Susie's workshops were one of the reasons I moved down to West Cork. After her workshops I felt an amazing sense of ease, peace and groundedness in my body that I had forgotten I could feel but my body knew it needed. I knew it was really important for me to keep building on this deeper sense of wellness in by body and being to the point it was worth moving many miles to be able to take part in Susie's special, light but deeply profound workshops. It was a life changer, helping my body to get back on track. She is a real gem as is so generous in sharing her great wisdom and gems of knowledge with her gentle and playful energy. Never underestimate what lightheartedness can do! It's so worth a go to experience the amazing workshops of Susie Keogh. I'm blessed to have come across this special woman who helps generate delightful bliss.

Carol Ann

we carry the river, its body of water in our body

natalie diaz

My approach

I am passionate about evolving the language of how we engage with the body. In my approach to yoga, pilates and movement is a shift from a top down perspective where are telling the body what to do and instead awaken our capacity to listen deeply to our bodies . Being informed by the inside out shapes the way we are moving and how we do it. Not only does it engage our capacity to feel what is happening within us, it gives us the skill set to follow what the body wants and discover what it means to come into deeper connection with our fluid being, which is not just the sum of our aches and pains but is an expression of a larger field of life. I offer bespoke classes and workshops for every body at every stage of life. All my classes integrate the role of fascia in restoring a vibrant, healthy and dynamic body.

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